Minecraft PE Jungle Seed

Minecraft PE Jungle Seed

This Minecraft PE jungle seed get the game started with your player standing in a jungle on a coast. There’s sandy beach all along the coastline that the jungle borders. The jungle extends far into the mainland behind you with cocoa beans and vines amongst the lush, green, hilly landscape. It’s a good spawn environment rich with most everything you’ll need to get started in survival or creative game modes.

We were excited enough about finding a nice, dense waterside jungle, and then we stumbled up on another great feature of this Minecraft PE seed: when the game starts and you spawn, you’re standing directly above an abandoned mineshaft. Dig straight down when you spawn and you’ll quickly find it. In our quick survey of the shaft’s main tunnels we didn’t find any precious ore, but we found plenty of coal and iron. And, there’s enough wood and rails to jumpstart any building or transportation visions you have up on the surface. Let us know what else you find, or what you build on this resource-rich jungle seed!

Minecraft PE 0.10.0+ Infinite Seed: AUS

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 65183

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30 thoughts on “Minecraft PE Jungle Seed”

  1. I was exploring around the jungle when I fell into a cave. I explored deeper and I found that there was an abandoned mineshaft. There was lava, lapis, and redstone. Water was next to the lava so you could make obsidian. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any gold or diamonds, but tons of iron and coal.

    1. Actually, in the abandoned mineshafts, you can find webs. If you break them without shears, you should be able to get string. 4 string = 1wool

  2. I found a dungeon with a zombie spawner in it. From spawn point, follow the coastline in the direction you are facing when you spawn, and you’ll find the a river that enters the ocean. To the right of the river A hole in the ground reveals a cave that peals of in two directions. Choose the left one and continue down it and you’ll see the chest straight in front of you. In its chest their is bread, gunpowder and a bucket. Sorry it’s so difficult to find!!!

  3. Thx for this seed I am making a tree house right Now connected to another tree in the jungle

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