MCPE 0.12 Beta Release Date

Minecraft PE News: MCPE 0.12 Beta Release Date

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The next long-awaited MCPE 0.12 Beta release date is looking set for August 4th, 2015 (tomorrow). The 0.12 Beta was close to release, but some unforeseen issues (bugs that need to be fixed before MCPE 0.12 is ready for the public to test) have kept it in Mojang’s hand for at least (and hopefully only) another day.

There’s a lot coming in 0.12… Hunger, The Nether, Sprinting, Enchantment Table, Potions, Ocelots, Ghasts, Spawn Eggs and more. Visit the Minecraft Pocket Edition Wiki for a comprehensive list of what’s new. What are you looking forward to the most?

Minecraft PE 0.12 Feature Video

Here’s Mojang’s Shoghi Cervantes’ Tweet about the MCPE 0.12 Beta Release Date

What are you looking forward to the most in MCPE 0.12?

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11 thoughts on “Minecraft PE News: MCPE 0.12 Beta Release Date”

  1. Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I cant wait! I have to wait! A whole day? Did you say we will be able to craft things in creative?

    1. This is the Beta Program – so you have to be on an Android device and go through their Google+ Page so that your device updates to the Beta version… If you’re on iOS or Windows Phone you just have to wait it out until it is available to everyone :/

      1. But do you think it will definitely come out for IOS sooner or later? I’ve been checking every day of the week but still I say to my little brother “sorry, it’s not out yet”

    1. You have to find the Google+ Group for the Beta, become a member of it, and then have Google Play update your Apps. That’s the only way to get it.

  2. Question- I have already learned about the update, but I have a couple of ideas I wanted to share. First, someone tell the developers to add painted bricks, so you can add all the dyes onto bricks. Then ask them to let us be able to throw spawn eggs like a snowball. Comment back if anyone gets this through to them!! Thx ????✌????️

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