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Minecraft PE 0.11.0 Update Beta Available Today!

Minecraft PE 0.11.0 Beta is finally available! The Pocket Edition release is currently only available for Android devices.

To participate in the beta program you need a Google Plus account and an Android device to test it on.

If you’re interested in participating in the beta, Mojang’s 0.11.0 Beta blog post has everything you’ll need to know to join the beta group and download 0.11.0.

Whether you’re beta testing 0.11.0 or not, what are you most excited about in this version?

CHANGELOG for Build 0.11.0

New features
– Skins
– Added boats rideable by 2 mobs!
– New World edit screen
+ Rename worlds
+ Change gamemode
+ Lock/unlock day cycle
+ Make old worlds infinite
– Localization!
– Fishing and new kinds of fish!
– Added mob effects (poison)
– Added redstone block to store dust
– Added grass path block
– Added text formatting codes
– Stone brick variants: chiseled, cracked and mossy, can now be crafted in survival
– Zombies now drop rotten flesh
– Show server status and message of the day on server entries screen
– Added a hide button to the chat screen
– Death messages

New mobs
– Squids
– Spider Jockeys now spawn
– Cave spiders
– Added bats
– Added baby zombies and chicken jockeys

Bug fixes
– Fixed the block break feedback circle disappearing on suspend
– Fixed crashes while saving world
– Fixed crashes on armor screen
– Fixed crashes on furnace screen
– Fixed world not being saved
– Fixed MCPE-2084 Pig Zombies catching fire
– Fixed MCPE-7838 Can not create new world
– Fixed MCPE-6472 Getting stuck in the void after dying
– Fixed MCPE-7835 Hotbar duplication glitch
– Fixed MCPE-7872 Action button not being disabled after moving away
– Fixed MCPE-7848, MCPE-7854 Grass/Mycelium does not grow below fences but underwater
– Fixed MCPE-6999 Stone walls connecting to water
– Fixed MCPE-7883 Cocoa tile not updating neighbor blocks when dropped
– Fixed MCPE-6885 Breakable bedrock in survival.
– Fixed MCPE-6853 Placing water replaces non-solid blocks
– Fixed MCPE-6628 Wooden Axe not burning on furnaces
– Fixed MCPE-7888 Different planks no longer stack
– Fixed MCPE-7887 Update neighbors and rendering on random change
– Fixed MCPE-2024 Gravel falling near fences
– Fixed MCPE-671 Destroying Reactor-core does not allow night to end
– Fixes MCPE-5161 Disallow changing name while playing
– Fixed MCPE-5450 Quartz stairs not in stonecutter
– Fixed MCPE-5455 Added duplicated player kick
– Fixed MCPE-7904 Door duplication when placed near a cactus
– Fixed MCPE-7915 Water does not function properly on transparent blocks
– Fixed MCPE-7912 Double plant blocks delete existing blocks
– Fixed MCPE-7864 Entities get ticked twice when riding
– Fixed MCPE-7830 Duplicate items while feeding wolves
– Fixed MCPE-7935 Iron bars can’t connect to glass panes
– Fixed MCPE-7050 Fences connecting to fence gates sideways
– Fixed MCPE-7952 Acacia and DarkWood Stairs now burn
– Fixed MCPE-7688 Grass becomes dirt even if sapling can’t grow
– Fixed MCPE-6697 Carpets not dropping more than one when stacked.
– Fixed MCPE-5130 Sand/gravel falling when placed on top of torches
– Fixed MCPE-8031 Topmost block having full bright lighting
– Fixed world crash when unknown blocks are present
– Fixed trees growing on the client
– Fixed desert wells and special biomes not generating
– Fixed issue with connecting to local games

– Improved multiplayer bandwidth usage
– Improved client/server communication
– Improved disconnection messages
– Improved text rendering
– Improved world loading
– Faster torch placing (less lag)
– Added shovels in creative mode
– Added server-side checks on games, less craziness!
– Non-fancy render mode now works properly
– Updated inventory icon from a Brick block to a chest
– Limited player names to PC allowed names

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