Minecraft PE Abandoned Mineshaft Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Abandoned Mineshaft seed listed below has an abandoned mineshaft at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Village Well Reveals Abandoned Mineshaft, Dungeon [MCPE 0.11x]

This MCPE 0.11x seed spawns you near an innocent looking village (you can see the NPC village from the game start point). Digging under the well reveals an abandoned mineshaft. While exploring the mineshaft we encountered a dungeon that was busy spawning zombies. This Minecraft PE seed was another Epic Minecraft PE Fan submission.

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Minecraft PE 0.11 Abandoned Mineshaft Swamp Seed [0.11.x]

This Minecraft PE 0.11 Seed has a few cool features. First, when you spawn on this seed you’re standing directly above an abandoned mineshaft. Before you move, mark the block directly beneath you. When you did down at this point, you will eventually fall into an abandoned mineshaft. When you fall into the mineshaft, be careful where you mine or set a torch as the walls are unstable.

Jeb’s Abandoned Diamond Mineshaft [MCPE 0.10x]

Playing around with 0.10 seed names this morning we randomly tried “Jeb Who?” Why? Because, who is Jeb REALLY? What do we REALLY know about him? Ok, enough being silly. But, yes, we did use that as the seed name. What we ended up finding: an abandoned diamond mineshaft in the tunnels beneath spawn. Check it out!

Minecraft PE Jungle Seed

This Minecraft PE jungle seed get the game started with your player standing in a jungle on a coast. There’s sandy beach all along the coastline that the jungle borders. The jungle extends far into the mainland behind you with cocoa beans and vines amongst the lush, green, hilly landscape. It’s a good spawn environment rich with most everything you’ll need to get started in survival or creative game modes.

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