Minecraft PE Abandoned Mineshaft Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Abandoned Mineshaft seed listed below has an abandoned mineshaft at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Stronghold under Huge River Village [Update: End Portal]

Exclusive Epic Minecraft PE Seeds Stronghold seed! When you spawn on this game map, go straight and slightly to the left. You’ll arrive at a string of villages (or one big village I suppose). Find the furthest well from the spawn point and dig straight down to find the stronghold! To get to the stronghold, look at the screen captures to be sure you dig in the right spot.

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0.9 Gold and Mineshaft Under Spawn

This 0.9+ seed spawns a map with you appearing on the edge of a savanna and green grass plain. Dig down directly under the game spawn point and you’ll find gold! Digging out the gold, and two bricks in every direction, you’ll uncover a lot of iron and enough coal to make it into ingots. As you’re mining all the ore, you’ll break through to a cave which reveals a large abandoned mine.

Spawn: Village + Dungeon / Monster Room with Diamonds

Spawning at a desert village is nice. Having cool biomes all around doesn’t hurt either (desert, islands, savanna…). Even better? Digging straight down and finding a dungeon/monster room.

Desert Village Next to Jungle

You’ll spawn on the edge of a jungle and there is a desert with a village just a few steps away! As you walk to the village (you can see it through the trees at spawn) you’ll transition into a desert. If you explore in the direction opposite of the desert village you’ll find some incredible jungle views.

Island with Abandoned Mine Shaft… Roofed Forest Nearby…

Another 0.9+ see where you spawn on an island. If you tunnel straight down from spawn (after cutting yourself down from the tree you spawned on top of) you’ll fall into an abandoned mine shaft. Explore around and you’ll find plenty of ore.

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