Minecraft PE Beach Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Beach Seed listed below has a beach biome at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Survival Island with Benefits [Dungeon and Mineshaft] – MCPE 0.15.0 Seed

Islands can be fun to play on in Minecraft because they’re different from the usual expanse of land you spawn on. When you spawn on islands in the middle of the ocean, it can add a level of challenge to the game by creating a survival island scenario. This seed goes beyond the survival island gameplay by having both a dungeon and an abandoned mineshaft below the surface of two islands.

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Minecraft PE Village Island Seed [0.10x]

This original Pocket Edition Seed starts you on an island. On the next island over there’s a great village complete with a blacksmith that has an iron pick and helmet, as well as some bread apples and ink sacs. As far as MCPE island seeds go, this one leaves a lot of opportunity for imagination. There’s resources to get you started, and a nice flat plain biome on the far end of the island for building on.

Minecraft PE Jungle Seed

This Minecraft PE jungle seed get the game started with your player standing in a jungle on a coast. There’s sandy beach all along the coastline that the jungle borders. The jungle extends far into the mainland behind you with cocoa beans and vines amongst the lush, green, hilly landscape. It’s a good spawn environment rich with most everything you’ll need to get started in survival or creative game modes.

Minecraft PE Survival Island

Happy 2015 everyone from Epic Minecraft PE Seeds! We tried some variations of words for a New Year’s seed, and one we tried generated one of the best survival island challenges we found. If you don’t want any assistance, and just want to try to to play the game without seeing any help (screenshots or hints of what you can find), the seed is twentyfifteen (all lowercase, no spaces). Now, look away (or read on if you want to see what things look like and get an idea of where to get resources).

MCPE 0.10x Ice Spike Spawn and Dungeon Below

The game starts this MCPE 0.10x seed beside a rare ice spike biome. If you want a quick start, grab a weapon and dig straight down from the spawn point. You’ll arrive at some iron, and the giveaway for a dungeon, mossy cobblestone. The mossy cobblestone reveals a dungeon with a zombie spawner and two chests in it. The chests have four iron ingots, wheat, two buckets and some gunpowder. You’ll have to kill off the zombies to get it though.

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