Minecraft PE Blacksmith Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Blacksmith Seed listed below has a village with a blacksmith at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Minecraft PE Four Villages [0.10x]

Four villages on a Minecraft PE Seed? It happens. And these aren’t villages connected together, these are four distinct villages. You spawn at one, and from the edge of that village, three other villages are minutes away. The villages are actually in view from the edge of the village you spawn in!

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0.10x Huge Desert Village – 2 Blacksmiths – Emeralds

This is a great 0.10x seed. When you start, you are in a pretty innocuous looking biome on the edge of a hill. Digging straight down you’ll encounter gold, and upon a quick dig will also find coal, iron and redstone (see screenshots). In the desert nearby (see straight-up hover screenshot from spawn) there is a huge village. It’s actually two or three villages and there is an overlapping glitch where a church overlapped crops as well as where some smaller structures collided. There are two blacksmiths in the desert village.

Snow Covered Village in Ice Spike Biome

What could be better than a village partially covered in snow on the edge of an ice spike biome? Not much! Well, this seed will get you just that. Making it even better is that the ice spike biome is massive and from the snowy village there’s another large village within sight!

Desert Village has Blacksmith, Stronghold

This desert village 0.9x infinite seed that has a blacksmith (and chest loot) as well as a stronghold beneath its well was submitted by an Epic user. From the spawn point there’s a lot close by. As far as the terrain goes, there’s plains, mesa, and desert.

2x Village and Blacksmith Emeralds

Triple h’s equal double villages in this 0.9x infinite seed, and they’re right where we like them: at the spawn point! When you spawn you’re staring right at them. The NPC village also has a church and is located right at water’s edge. One blacksmith’s chest isn’t that interesting, but the second has emeralds in it.

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