Minecraft PE Blacksmith Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Blacksmith Seed listed below has a village with a blacksmith at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Two Desert Village Outposts, Two Blacksmiths

From the spawn point take a look around. You’ll be able to see one village in the distance. The good news – there’s another one nearby. Not connected – nearby. Both have blacksmiths. Unfortunately, neither are hiding stronghold’s below their wells in this Pocket Edition Seed.

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Two Blacksmith Villages at Spawn [0.9x old seed]

When you spawn on this 0.9x old seed you’re in a village and staring at another one. Under spawn there isn’t anything precious. If you’re looking for the good stuff, point your direction at the villages. There’s a blacksmith in each one, and they’ve both got some loot. You’ll walk away with food, armor (two bad both blacksmith’s made iron leggings), an iron ingot and ink sacs.

Emeralds in Series of Villages (Blacksmith’s Chest)

Interested in some easy emeralds? Just go straight. It’s (just about) that easy. Go straight when you spawn and you’ll come up on a two oversized villages at water’s edge. Go to each blacksmith and take a look in their chests. One has emeralds for you (plus some bread and ink sacs). While it’s not emeralds, there’s another good chest, too.

Village with Blacksmith

You spawn in walking distance to the village in this seed. Check the screenshots below – you’ll find the village when you get past the birch tree part of the forest. The villager’s crops are planted high up on the neighboring hill. There is a blacksmith with pretty good loot.

Large Village – Blacksmith has Saddle

After a quick walk from spawn you’ll be at a large village. Of course, it’s two villages that are joined together. Both of those villages have blacksmiths, and they have some pretty good loot in their chests. One chest has obsidian, iron leggings (two pairs), an iron pick and a sapling. The second chest is the more interesting one. This blacksmith has some food (bread and apples), an iron ingot, an iron helmet, iron leggings and a saddle!

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