Minecraft PE Deep Ocean Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Deep Ocean listed below has a deep ocean biome at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Deep Ocean Bryce Mesa Seed – MCPE 0.11.x

This MCPE 0.11.x seed spawns you on a Plains Biome on the edge of a deep ocean directly beside a Mesa Biome that includes Bryce formations. The ocean and flat, green plains make a great backdrop for the mesa and nearby Bryce Mesa formations. From the game spawn point, it’s easy to get to the bryce mesa biome.

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Fishing Village Island Seed – Minecraft PE 0.11

This is a cool Minecraft PE island seed. You spawn at a fishing village out in the deep ocean. The island has decent natural resources although there aren’t any trees. The village provides plenty of wood, so that shouldn’t be an issue, though. The village blacksmith has some loot to offer, too.

MCPE Deep Ocean Mesa Seed [0.10x]

Here’s another original Minecraft Pocket Edition seed from Epic Minecraft PE Seeds. This time, we’ve got a deep ocean mesa seed that is absolutely beautiful. We don’t have a handful of dig locations, or directions to a massive village or anything. We’re posting because it’s simply cool. A great Minecraft PE world. Take a look!

MCPE Village Seed [0.10.x]

Here’s another MCPE village seed for 0.10.x. The game starts on beach on the shore of a deep ocean biome. The majority of the landscape astride and inland is plains (at least what is visible) or forest. If you move inland, straight over the immediate embankment on the plains you’ll quickly find the village. The village is a complete Minecraft PE village with several buildings including a church, blacksmith and of course, a well.

Minecraft PE Survival Island [0.10.x]

This is one of those Minecraft PE seeds that creates all kinds of ideas (at least in our heads). What’s cool about it? It’s an island seed with a spawn island with some limited resources, but close by there are other interesting islands, too. The spawn island has a cave on one end of it, making easy basic survival elements a fast find. There’s a few trees on it, too, so getting to tooling fast won’t be a problem either. Now, the islands beyond the spawn open up the possibilities quite a bit.

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