Minecraft PE Diamond Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Diamond Seed listed below has diamonds at or near the game’s spawn point.

Diamonds, Gold, Lapis, and Redstone (and more) – MCPE 0.11x

Every once in awhile you find a MCPE seed with a cluster of different ores all close to one another. This is one, and there’s a lot of variety and it’s easy to find. It’s all on the walls of a cave/tunnel right underfoot. Yep, dig under spawn, that’s where you’ll find all these ores: diamonds, gold, lapis, redstone and lapis.

Minecraft PE 0.11x Seed – Diamonds Under Spawn

Looking for a Minecraft PE 0.11.x seed with diamonds? Look no further. This seed spawns you on the shore of a massive swamp. Before doing anything, mark the spot you’re at – you’ll want to dig directly under the spawn point to get to the diamonds. For your diamond mission, all you’ll need to go get immediately is wood to get your pickaxes going.

Jeb’s Abandoned Diamond Mineshaft [MCPE 0.10x]

Playing around with 0.10 seed names this morning we randomly tried “Jeb Who?” Why? Because, who is Jeb REALLY? What do we REALLY know about him? Ok, enough being silly. But, yes, we did use that as the seed name. What we ended up finding: an abandoned diamond mineshaft in the tunnels beneath spawn. Check it out!

Cool NPC Minecraft PE Village Seed [0.10x]

Looking for a NPC Village Seed for Pocket Edition? Look no further. This cool Minecraft PE Infinite Seed is for versions 0.10x. This great seed has it all at spawn: two villages, the first with a blacksmith with really good loot. The second, which is beside the first, lacks a blacksmith, but has a stronghold (with end portal) beneath it’s well!

MCPE Fishing Village Seed

Ok. We can’t fish YET in Pocket Edition, but we still like to call villages like this one fishing villages. They sure look like them! Where is it? When the game starts, you have two basic options – head out to sea, or turn around and head inland. Head inland. If you trudge straight up the middle or walk the coast to your right after you’ve started heading inland you’ll see the fishing village. There’s a blacksmith that has a gold ingot, an iron ingot, bread and 4 obsidian blocks in their chest. There is more to collect nearby, too. Look for a cave entrance that is right on the border (it’s beside a sidewalk) of the village where the lampposts are.