Minecraft PE Diamond Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Diamond Seed listed below has diamonds at or near the game’s spawn point.

Diamonds, Iron and Coal Under Spawn

Diamonds are great to find under the spawn point, but what’s even better? What’s even better is finding the iron you need for an iron pickaxe and the coal you need to make the iron ingots while you’re digging down to those diamonds.

Minecraft PE Seed: BooZ

This MCPE seed has you covered. Up on the surface the landscape is cool enough. Mine straight down and you’ll be happy a diamond sword wielding, iron ingot carrying, creeper destroying crafter. When you’re digging down, you’ll hit a nice iron and coal deposit. Once you’ve mined all that out keep going straight down from the spawn point. Just above bedrock there’s more iron and coal, and finally, eight diamonds for you to start your empire with. Please rate and share and like if you love diamonds as much as we do!