Minecraft PE Dungeon / Monster Room Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Dungeon Seed listed below has a dungeon (sometimes called a monster room) at or near the game’s spawn point.

Two Villages and a Mineshaft – MCPE 0.15.2 Seed

This seed has two villages (one with a blacksmith) and an abandoned mineshaft all near each other. This means there are plenty of good items for you to collect right away when you spawn. It all begins when you spawn looking directly at the village with the blacksmith.

The Desert Village
The Desert Village

Battle of the Climates [Taiga, Jungle, and Desert] – MCPE 0.15.X Seed

Taigas, jungles, and deserts usually have completely different climates, but only in Minecraft could they exist right next to each other. This weird combination of biomes will provide you with a variety of materials to choose from for building. They also give you variation in foods to keep your hunger bar full. Not to mention there’s a dungeon that can give you special, rare items.

Survival Island with Benefits [Dungeon and Mineshaft] – MCPE 0.15.0 Seed

Islands can be fun to play on in Minecraft because they’re different from the usual expanse of land you spawn on. When you spawn on islands in the middle of the ocean, it can add a level of challenge to the game by creating a survival island scenario. This seed goes beyond the survival island gameplay by having both a dungeon and an abandoned mineshaft below the surface of two islands.

Roofed Forest Mineshaft – MCPE 0.15.0 Seed

This seed spawns you in a roofed forest, or more accurately, on a roofed forest. When you spawn you’ll see you’re right on top of a giant brown mushroom. If you get down from that perch, you can explore the roofed forest what you can find among the large mushrooms and close trees. If you go to the left of the spawn point, you can even find an abandoned mineshaft.

The Roofed Forest
The Roofed Forest

Deep Ocean Bryce Mesa Seed – MCPE 0.11.x

This MCPE 0.11.x seed spawns you on a Plains Biome on the edge of a deep ocean directly beside a Mesa Biome that includes Bryce formations. The ocean and flat, green plains make a great backdrop for the mesa and nearby Bryce Mesa formations. From the game spawn point, it’s easy to get to the bryce mesa biome.