Minecraft PE Emerald Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Emerald Seed listed below has emeralds at or near the game’s spawn point.

Blacksmith, Savanna, Floating Island – MCPE 0.16

This seed has a good village to give you plenty of valuable items to survive on. Then you can continue on to a breathtaking biome with cool mountains and a floating island over the river.

It starts when you spawn in between a plains biome and desert biome. To find the village, you’ll have to walk forward through the desert, over a river, and into a forest. When you emerge on the other side, you’ll see the village across the plains.

All in One [Village, Temple, Diamonds] – MCPE 0.16

This seed has a village with a blacksmith and desert temple with diamonds all in one place. These two structures spawned one on top of the other. In fact, the temple cuts off half a butcher shop and most of a library, but a crop plot is on top of the temple. You only have to make one stop to gather loot on this seed.

Neighboring Temples [Two Temples, Roofed Forest, Savanna] – MCPE 0.15

This seed starts by spawning you in the midst of a roofed forest biome. This biome is pretty self-explanitory. It has dark wood trees that are big around and spaced close together so the leaves create a roof of sorts. The giant mushrooms scattered throughout make it an even better find.

The Roofed Forest
The Roofed Forest

This is just the beginning of this seed, though. When you walk through the forest, you’ll come to a river with a desert on the other side. That is where you’ll find the neighboring temples and the beginning of the savanna biome.

Desert River Tour [Village and Temple] – MCPE 0.15.X Seed

On this seed, you can find both a village and a desert temple near the same river. While you could reach both through more direct routes than by the river, Pocket Edition doesn’t have coordinates to help aid in navigation. To ensure you don’t get confused or lost, I’m going to give you a river tour instead.

Mountainous Terrain + Lapis Lazuli & Emeralds – MCPE 0.14+

We’ve found a new unique seed that we don’t think any other Minecrafter has ever laid their eyes on before! This particular seed was found on version 0.14.0 and 0.15.0 of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

In this seed you will find yourself near a range of mountains right as you spawn into the world. Whilst these mountains do offer a beautiful view, they’re also hiding some pretty epic cave systems and you’ll also be able to find a variety of blocks for stone bricks on top of the mountains.

In this first screenshot we have a view of the spawn point and the surrounding mountains and rocky terrain. There’s a small forest on top of the mountains so you’ll easily be able to prepare your first survival items right here.

Mountains at spawn
Mountains at spawn – dig here for lapis lazuli and emeralds

If you follow the stream from the spawn point and make your way towards where these wooden towers have been placed, you will find a spot to dig down. If you dig down in this spot you’ll find a cave system with lapis lazuli, emeralds, coal and iron ore in!

The spot you need to dig on is on top of the mountain shown in the image below. The spot can be found on the flat patch of cobblestone.

Dig at the wooden blocks
Dig at the spot marked with wooden blocks

Once you’re on this part of the mountain, simply dig down at the spot marked by these wood plank blocks. The spot is right next to the patch of coal ore so make sure to look out for that if you’re having trouble finding it!

Dig next to this spot of coal
Dig next to this spot of coal

Once you dig down you will eventually make your way to this small cave opening. Watch out for the lava!

Cave entrance with emeralds and iron ore
Cave entrance with emeralds and iron ore

The cave has emeralds and iron ore too! You’ll easily be able to find plenty of coal ore in the nearby areas as well.

Lapis lazuli and more iron ore
Lapis lazuli and more iron ore

We think this seed offers a great spot to build on and the cave system underneath the mountains double up as a great spot to mine ore! Here is the seed name.

Minecraft PE 0.14 and 0.15 Infinite Seed: advancedseedworldgeneration