Minecraft PE Emerald Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Emerald Seed listed below has emeralds at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Two Desert Village Outposts, Two Blacksmiths

From the spawn point take a look around. You’ll be able to see one village in the distance. The good news – there’s another one nearby. Not connected – nearby. Both have blacksmiths. Unfortunately, neither are hiding stronghold’s below their wells in this Pocket Edition Seed.

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Emeralds in Series of Villages (Blacksmith’s Chest)

Interested in some easy emeralds? Just go straight. It’s (just about) that easy. Go straight when you spawn and you’ll come up on a two oversized villages at water’s edge. Go to each blacksmith and take a look in their chests. One has emeralds for you (plus some bread and ink sacs). While it’s not emeralds, there’s another good chest, too.

0.9 Seed: Emeralds Under Spawn

Seeds with emeralds that are easy to find are rare. It’s also rare to find more than one emerald block. This seed takes care of both of those challenges. Straight under the spawn point you will come across an emerald. We mined out 2 blocks in every direction and, as expected the yield was a single emerald block. But, we kept looking.

Diamonds Under Spawn… Multiple Villages Nearby… Lapis… Emeralds…

This 0.9+ infinite seed has diamonds straight under the spawn point. Dig straight under spawn and you’ll find the diamonds, lapis, iron and coal. All the ore is right above bedrock. When you’re digging it out, be sure to do our 2+ recommendation – dig 2 blocks in every direction from any kind of ore you come across – and you’ll get it all in your inventory. That’s a good start, but there’s much, much more.

Quick Diamonds, Gold & Emeralds + Under Spawn

Straight under spawn, if you dig straight down, you’ll quickly acquire diamonds, gold, coal, iron, lapis and emeralds. Here’s how: Dig straight down and you’ll reach diamonds first. There’s two blocks of ’em. Now, dig two blocks in every direction from those two diamonds you found and at the top of the chamber you will have dug out, you’ll see on two sides it opens up to a cave (turns out it is the same cave).

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