Minecraft PE End Portal Seeds

Each Minecraft PE End Portal Seed listed below has an end portal at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Minecraft PE 0.11x Stronghold Seed

Here’s an original (brand new) seed for Minecraft PE 0.11x. This MCPE seed spawns you on the roof of a village building. There is a blacksmith, but the main attraction is beneath the village well – a stronghold. The stronghold itself seems like a rather large one. Possibly two strongholds overlapping each other.

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Cool NPC Minecraft PE Village Seed [0.10x]

Looking for a NPC Village Seed for Pocket Edition? Look no further. This cool Minecraft PE Infinite Seed is for versions 0.10x. This great seed has it all at spawn: two villages, the first with a blacksmith with really good loot. The second, which is beside the first, lacks a blacksmith, but has a stronghold (with end portal) beneath it’s well!

Best Minecraft PE 0.10x Seed Ever?

This has to be one of the best Minecraft PE Seeds for 0.10x: An amplified savanna with two incredible villages, each with its own stronghold. The seed was submitted by Epic Minecrafter Cr8rR8r (Thanks Cr8rR8r!). After some quick Google searches, we found a great YouTube video where the seed is reviewed by Nexy who credits Boltingthunder with this best-of seeds find. The game starts on a savanna beside an amplified extreme savanna hill that is the home of the villages.

Desert Village has Blacksmith, Stronghold

This desert village 0.9x infinite seed that has a blacksmith (and chest loot) as well as a stronghold beneath its well was submitted by an Epic user. From the spawn point there’s a lot close by. As far as the terrain goes, there’s plains, mesa, and desert.

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