Minecraft PE Extreme Hill Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Extreme Hill Seed listed below has extreme hills at or near the game’s spawn point.

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All Precious Ores in Underground Cave

This Minecraft PE infinite seed was submitted by an Epic fan Fluffy Unicorn. When the game starts, you’re in plains and you can see some interesting mountains past a river nearby. We took Fluffy Unicorn’s suggestion and tried to find an underground cave entrance near the spawn point in order to find the precious ore that was to be easily found once below the surface. Here’s the seed description Fluffy Unicorn gave:

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Huge Lava Flow and an Abandoned Mineshaft

There’s something you can’t miss when you this game gets started: the huge lava flow that is flanked by waterfalls of the same scale on both sides. It’s huge! There’s another cool feature, but it’s beneath the surface: an abandoned mineshaft. It’s big, and it is surprising that digging right under spawn you don’t fall into it. It’s not hard to find, however.

Diamonds, Redstone, Iron under Spawn

On the surface this game starts off at the base of a mountain (extreme hill) with forest (taiga) around. Moving to the opposite side of the extreme hill reveals a waterfall that is relatively short considering how steep the mountain is as well as a river snaking through the landscape. What’s underground makes for a good quick start.

Sky Scraping Extreme Hill, Deep Gorge

This is one of the most pronounced and dramatic gorges (or canyons) we’ve seen in 0.9x. The infinite seed spawns you in a tree next to extreme hills that reach up as high as the cloud layer. Through the mountain system there’s an extremely deep, sheer gorge that plummets back to the ground where a river is running at the bottom of the void.

Two Blacksmith Villages at Spawn [0.9x old seed]

When you spawn on this 0.9x old seed you’re in a village and staring at another one. Under spawn there isn’t anything precious. If you’re looking for the good stuff, point your direction at the villages. There’s a blacksmith in each one, and they’ve both got some loot. You’ll walk away with food, armor (two bad both blacksmith’s made iron leggings), an iron ingot and ink sacs.

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