Minecraft PE Extreme Hill Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Extreme Hill Seed listed below has extreme hills at or near the game’s spawn point.

Huge Overhang, Big Lava Flow, Tons of Ore Under Spawn!

You have to see this seed to appreciate it. Hopefully we’ve done it justice with the pictures below. At spawn, just behind where you start there is a huge overhang that looks like it should topple over or crush the thin spire that it’s propped up on. Right next to it there’s a really big lava flow that pours into the river below.

0.9.0 Diamonds + Cool Mountain Village

Diamonds under spawn is what you’ll get from this Minecraft  0.9.0 Infinite seed. Digging straight down you’ll find lapis lazuli, iron and coal, too. Careful, there are skeletons protecting the diamonds. To make sure you find the diamonds and emeralds be sure to dig out 2 blocks around any ore that you come across.