Minecraft PE Floating Island Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Floating Island Seed listed below has a floating island at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Blacksmith, Savanna, Floating Island – MCPE 0.16

This seed has a good village to give you plenty of valuable items to survive on. Then you can continue on to a breathtaking biome with cool mountains and a floating island over the river.

It starts when you spawn in between a plains biome and desert biome. To find the village, you’ll have to walk forward through the desert, over a river, and into a forest. When you emerge on the other side, you’ll see the village across the plains.

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Savanna Spectacle [Floating Island, Village, Dungeon] – MCPE 0.15.X Seed

When you first spawn on this seed, you’ll be in a plains biome with a river splitting up the land around you. If you look forward and to the right, you can see the beginning of the savanna biome. Inside the savanna you’ll find a floating island, a village, and a dungeon all near each other.

Floating Islands and Extreme Hills Canyons – MCPE 0.15.0

The extreme hills biome breaks up the regular mundane of forests and plains in Minecraft. They can be filled with tall peaks, jutting overhangs, and even a few water and lava falls. This set of extreme hills is just as breathtaking, and it has quite a few interesting features that make this seed worth checking out.

EXTREME Hills… Triple Land Bridge… Rivers…

If ‘extreme’ is the operational word in ‘extreme hills,’ this Minecraft PE seed has you covered. The backside of the mountain (extreme hill) you spawn on is where all the action is. There is a crazy land bridge up in the air that connects three landmasses, several overhangs, rivers, some small floating islands.

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