Minecraft PE Frozen River Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Frozen River Seed listed below has a frozen river at or near the game’s spawn point.

Ice Mineshaft [Ice Spikes, Abandoned Mineshaft] – MCPE 0.16

This seed spawns you near a snowy area with a large ice plains spikes biome. To make it even better, underground near the winter wonderland is an abandoned mineshaft waiting to be explored. When you spawn, the cave leading to the mineshaft will be in your view, and if you turn to the right you’ll see the spikes immediately.

Fields of Spikes [Ice Spikes and a Village] – MCPC 0.15

When you spawn on this seed you’ll be in a taiga with extreme hills on your right and a view of the first few ice spikes behind you. You can go to the spikes behind you, but there are actually two patches of spikes that you can view if you go a different direction. The way to these two ice plains spikes also happens to be the scenic route through the extreme hills.

Journey to the Tundra Village [2 Villages, Dungeon, Snow] – MCPE 0.15

This seed starts by spawning you in front of a set of extreme hills, but if you walk forward, you’ll come across several interesting structures before ending up at a snow-covered tundra village. These structures include a dungeon, a plains village, and ice plains.

Snow Village – MCPE 0.16

This seed puts you on the edge of snowy biomes. There are cold taiga, ice plains, small mountains covered in snow, and a snow village with three chests. Even though snow if the focal point, you can also find a taiga to your left and a plains biome behind you. After you see the village in the snow, you may not care about warmer climates, however.

MCPE Ice Spikes Seed

This Minecraft PE 0.10.x seed features an ice spike biome not far from spawn. From game start, 3/4ths of the land around you is in cold biomes – mainly ice plans with limited cold taiga. There’s frozen rivers throughout, too. The remaining 1/4 is a highly hospitable plain with threes bordering on forest. Finding the ice spikes isn’t that difficult. We would, however, suggest trying on creative mode before doing so on survival (especially if exploration frustrates you).