Minecraft PE Gold Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Gold Seed listed below has gold at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Quick Diamonds, Gold & Emeralds + Under Spawn

Straight under spawn, if you dig straight down, you’ll quickly acquire diamonds, gold, coal, iron, lapis and emeralds. Here’s how: Dig straight down and you’ll reach diamonds first. There’s two blocks of ’em. Now, dig two blocks in every direction from those two diamonds you found and at the top of the chamber you will have dug out, you’ll see on two sides it opens up to a cave (turns out it is the same cave).

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0.9+ Huge Mesa Biome w/Awesome Ore Stash

This seed spawns you a top a huge mesa that spreads out in all directions. There’s rivers nearby that cut through the landscape creating a canyon effect. Exploring around the mesa biome you’ll find ore that comes right up to the surface, mainly coal and some iron. You’ll have to search for it, though. Under spawn there’s almost every ore you could want.

0.9.0 Island Seed w/Abandoned Mineshaft + Ores

This Minecraft  0.9.0 Infinite seed sets you on a small island in a huge body of water. Dig straight down from spawn and the fun starts. Not too far below ground you’ll fall into an abandoned mineshaft. You’re not far from gold at this point! And, there’s also iron, redstone and emeralds down the same shaft.

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