Minecraft PE Ice Spike Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Ice Spike Seed listed below has an ice plains spike biome at or near the game’s spawn point.

MCPE 0.10x Ice Spike Spawn and Dungeon Below

The game starts this MCPE 0.10x seed beside a rare ice spike biome. If you want a quick start, grab a weapon and dig straight down from the spawn point. You’ll arrive at some iron, and the giveaway for a dungeon, mossy cobblestone. The mossy cobblestone reveals a dungeon with a zombie spawner and two chests in it. The chests have four iron ingots, wheat, two buckets and some gunpowder. You’ll have to kill off the zombies to get it though.

Snow Covered Village in Ice Spike Biome

What could be better than a village partially covered in snow on the edge of an ice spike biome? Not much! Well, this seed will get you just that. Making it even better is that the ice spike biome is massive and from the snowy village there’s another large village within sight!