Minecraft PE Iron Seeds

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All Precious Ores in Underground Cave

This Minecraft PE infinite seed was submitted by an Epic fan Fluffy Unicorn. When the game starts, you’re in plains and you can see some interesting mountains past a river nearby. We took Fluffy Unicorn’s suggestion and tried to find an underground cave entrance near the spawn point in order to find the precious ore that was to be easily found once below the surface. Here’s the seed description Fluffy Unicorn gave:

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0.10x Mesa Village Seed

This 0.10x Pocket Edition seed spawns you in a village that straddles a mesa biome and plains. Most of the village is on the plains side but a few of the buildings are on the border of the mesa or within the mesa biome itself. There is one cool village building in particular, a home on the mesa that has a great backyard that looks out onto the mesa.

0.10x Seed: Rare – Mushroom Island Touching Mainland

An epic MCPE seed from an Epic Minecraft PE fan! It’s something you don’t often see: a Mushroom Island Biome that is attached to the mainland! Here’s what the Epic fan who submitted it had to say:

Did you ever dream about mushroom island? Because I did. I found this island yesterday. It’s connected with taiga biome. It’s medium, and there are a lot of mooshrooms there. Enjoy! – Ami

0.10x Huge Desert Village – 2 Blacksmiths – Emeralds

This is a great 0.10x seed. When you start, you are in a pretty innocuous looking biome on the edge of a hill. Digging straight down you’ll encounter gold, and upon a quick dig will also find coal, iron and redstone (see screenshots). In the desert nearby (see straight-up hover screenshot from spawn) there is a huge village. It’s actually two or three villages and there is an overlapping glitch where a church overlapped crops as well as where some smaller structures collided. There are two blacksmiths in the desert village.

0.10x Infinite Seed – Massive Jungle

This 0.10x seed plunks you down in the middle of a dense jungle on a riverbank. Straightaway, if you want iron to kickstart your game dig straight under spawn. There’s no danger of a death fall or lava below. There is coal, then a few outcroppings of iron. Dig two blocks in every direction from any ore to make sure you get everything down there.

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