Minecraft PE Island Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Island Seed listed below has islands at or near the game’s spawn point.

Ocean Monument – MCPE 0.16

Minecraft: Pocket Edition added ocean monuments in the 0.16.0 update. While these unique structures have been available in other versions, this is the first time you can explore them in PE. With the addition of the ocean monument, there are new types of blocks (prismarine), new mobs (guardians and elder guardians), and something that makes spawning on an island seed even more exciting.

Ice Spike Villages [And Forest Island]- MCPE 0.15

This seed offers you a forest-covered island that you can play survival island on or ice plains with two ice spike villages. The first thing to do when you spawn on the island is to mark where you spawned and which direction you faced. An arrow out of torches or some other material is best. This will help with directions later. Then you’re free to explore your spawn point. This island is a little more than just a bunch of trees, though.

The Forest Island
The Forest Island

The Double Village – MCPE 0.15.X Seed

When you spawn on this seed, you’ll be in the middle of a forest-covered island. Usually, these types of seeds are good for a survival island scenario, but this island is too big and lush for that. It’s more like a luxury island with all of the wood and animals available.

Spawn Island
Spawn Island

However, the best part of this seed isn’t even on this spawn island. To find the double village, you’re going to have to do a bit of swimming. (Or rowing if you choose to take the time to build a boat.)

Survival Island with Benefits [Dungeon and Mineshaft] – MCPE 0.15.0 Seed

Islands can be fun to play on in Minecraft because they’re different from the usual expanse of land you spawn on. When you spawn on islands in the middle of the ocean, it can add a level of challenge to the game by creating a survival island scenario. This seed goes beyond the survival island gameplay by having both a dungeon and an abandoned mineshaft below the surface of two islands.