Minecraft PE Island Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Island Seed listed below has islands at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Dangerous Gravel Caves! – PE 0.15 Seed

We’ve recently found a new seed for Minecraft PE 0.15.0 that spawns you on a large desert island. Close to spawn there’s a cave entrance that’ll take you deep underground. The cave has lots of goodies, but you’ll have to be careful of the dangerous gravel that will greet you there on the inside.

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Fishing Village Island Seed – Minecraft PE 0.11

This is a cool Minecraft PE island seed. You spawn at a fishing village out in the deep ocean. The island has decent natural resources although there aren’t any trees. The village provides plenty of wood, so that shouldn’t be an issue, though. The village blacksmith has some loot to offer, too.

Cool Minecraft PE 0.11 Fishing Seed [0.11.x]

Minecraft PE 0.11 is finally here, and with boats and fishing finally in the game, we thought the right way to kick of seeds for this latest version would be with a seed that was good for both. This MCPE seed has two villages on a nice island (we call them fishing villages because they are waterside), making the perfect seed for both boats and reeling in some fish.

MCPE Deep Ocean Mesa Seed [0.10x]

Here’s another original Minecraft Pocket Edition seed from Epic Minecraft PE Seeds. This time, we’ve got a deep ocean mesa seed that is absolutely beautiful. We don’t have a handful of dig locations, or directions to a massive village or anything. We’re posting because it’s simply cool. A great Minecraft PE world. Take a look!

Minecraft PE Village Island Seed [0.10x]

This original Pocket Edition Seed starts you on an island. On the next island over there’s a great village complete with a blacksmith that has an iron pick and helmet, as well as some bread apples and ink sacs. As far as MCPE island seeds go, this one leaves a lot of opportunity for imagination. There’s resources to get you started, and a nice flat plain biome on the far end of the island for building on.

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