Minecraft PE Island Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Island Seed listed below has islands at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Deep Ocean Island – Diamonds and Gold Under Spawn

Spawn on cool island in a deep ocean biome with this Minecraft PE 0.9x seed. The ocean is vast, but you will be able to see neighboring islands in the island chain from your spawn island. If spawning on an island is bad news, the good news is that diamonds, gold and the iron to retrieve them are directly below you.

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Glitched Village on Island

This island seed has a surprise, and it’s not that you spawn inside the village (which you do). It’s the village itself. A couple of the village’s buildings are only half buildings – split right down the center. Where’s the other half? Who knows! Apparently it’s a rendering glitch.

Mushroom Island with Mooshrooms

Two great things that generate together: Mushroom islands and mooshrooms. Mushroom island seeds don’t come around very often, so we were happy when this one was submitted. When you spawn you’ll be on a regular old island. But, the island a (very) short hop away is a mushroom island with mooshrooms. It’s just the beginning, too.

Island with Abandoned Mine Shaft… Roofed Forest Nearby…

Another 0.9+ see where you spawn on an island. If you tunnel straight down from spawn (after cutting yourself down from the tree you spawned on top of) you’ll fall into an abandoned mine shaft. Explore around and you’ll find plenty of ore.

0.9.0 Island Seed w/Abandoned Mineshaft + Ores

This Minecraft  0.9.0 Infinite seed sets you on a small island in a huge body of water. Dig straight down from spawn and the fun starts. Not too far below ground you’ll fall into an abandoned mineshaft. You’re not far from gold at this point! And, there’s also iron, redstone and emeralds down the same shaft.

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