Minecraft PE Jungle Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Jungle Seed listed below has a jungle biome at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Minecraft PE Cool 2x Village Spawn Seed

Minecraft PE Village Seeds are always a hit. This seed we really love. When you spawn, you’re standing in view of two villages. Now, while what everyone is usually after is the token blacksmith and his loot (and we have that in this case), what we really love about this seed is how cool it is all-around.

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Minecraft PE Jungle Seed

This Minecraft PE jungle seed get the game started with your player standing in a jungle on a coast. There’s sandy beach all along the coastline that the jungle borders. The jungle extends far into the mainland behind you with cocoa beans and vines amongst the lush, green, hilly landscape. It’s a good spawn environment rich with most everything you’ll need to get started in survival or creative game modes.

0.10x Infinite Seed – Massive Jungle

This 0.10x seed plunks you down in the middle of a dense jungle on a riverbank. Straightaway, if you want iron to kickstart your game dig straight under spawn. There’s no danger of a death fall or lava below. There is coal, then a few outcroppings of iron. Dig two blocks in every direction from any ore to make sure you get everything down there.

Diamonds, Jungle and Swamp [0.9x old seed]

Fun 0.9 old seed. Straight under spawn there’s diamonds, iron and redstone. Getting the ore is the same as we’ve always recommended. Dig 2 blocks in every direction from the ore you find and you’ll get it all. On the surface this world has a few biomes packed into it. When you spawn you’re at the intersection of a swamp, a jungle, and a birch taiga.

Mesa Meets Jungle Seed 0.9+

Another cool mesa seed submitted by an Epic Minecraft PE Seeds regular. This is another beautiful mesa. Upon spawn you’ll find yourself where a mesa biome meets a jungle biome. Nearby you’ll find the ocean, too as well as the river that runs through the mesa landscape.

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