Minecraft PE Lapis Lazuli Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Lapis Lazuli Seed listed below has lapis lazuli at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Minecraft PE Emerald Seed [0.10.x]

Emeralds, and lot’s of ’em. That’s what you get with this Minecraft PE 0.10 seed. Everything you need to find the emeralds and mine them are right under foot. Enter the seed and when the game starts you’ll want to dig below you. Take a look at the game screenshots to see where we dug. It is below you, but importantly a block that won’t flood you out before you get to the emeralds!

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MCPE Iron, Gold, Lapis and Emeralds in Caves Under Spawn

Fun MCPE 0.10.x world that generates with you standing above a fruitful cave system. From game start, dig straight down and you’ll come across a couple of cave entrances. At the first one, explore some of the tunnels and rooms and you’ll find coal, iron and gold (depending on how far you venture). Digging further down you’ll find a second dave. This one will yield lapis lazuli and emeralds not far from the entrance you’ve dug out.

All Precious Ores in Underground Cave

This Minecraft PE infinite seed was submitted by an Epic fan Fluffy Unicorn. When the game starts, you’re in plains and you can see some interesting mountains past a river nearby. We took Fluffy Unicorn’s suggestion and tried to find an underground cave entrance near the spawn point in order to find the precious ore that was to be easily found once below the surface. Here’s the seed description Fluffy Unicorn gave:

0.10x Infinite Seed – Two Mine Shafts

Two mine shafts are easy enough to find on this 0.10 seed. When you spawn, to find the first mine shaft just dig straight down. You’ll fall into an abandoned mine shaft tunnel. We explored the mine shaft in both directions and it is very large. Where we explored we weren’t overwhelmed with ore, but we did find lapis lazuli, gold, redstone, iron and coal. Don’t forget to collect all those rails – there’s tons of rail down there.

Sky Scraping Extreme Hill, Deep Gorge

This is one of the most pronounced and dramatic gorges (or canyons) we’ve seen in 0.9x. The infinite seed spawns you in a tree next to extreme hills that reach up as high as the cloud layer. Through the mountain system there’s an extremely deep, sheer gorge that plummets back to the ground where a river is running at the bottom of the void.

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