Minecraft PE Mesa Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Mesa Seed listed below has a mesa biome at or near the game’s spawn point.

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MCPE Deep Ocean Mesa Seed [0.10x]

Here’s another original Minecraft Pocket Edition seed from Epic Minecraft PE Seeds. This time, we’ve got a deep ocean mesa seed that is absolutely beautiful. We don’t have a handful of dig locations, or directions to a massive village or anything. We’re posting because it’s simply cool. A great Minecraft PE world. Take a look!

0.10x Mesa Village Seed

This 0.10x Pocket Edition seed spawns you in a village that straddles a mesa biome and plains. Most of the village is on the plains side but a few of the buildings are on the border of the mesa or within the mesa biome itself. There is one cool village building in particular, a home on the mesa that has a great backyard that looks out onto the mesa.

0.10x Mesa with Many, Many Gold Mine Shafts

Another 0.10x seed that has exposed mine shafts in a mesa right beside the spawn point. From spawn, head to the mesa and shoot down the right-hand side of the mesa as pictured in the screenshots. There’s a mine shaft entrance close by and you barely have to explore it to find two outcroppings of gold on the mine shaft tunnel’s walls.

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