Minecraft PE Monster / Mob Spawner Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Monster / Mob Spawner Seed listed below has a mob spawner (and monsters) at or near the game’s spawn point.

Gravel and Ice [Gravel Mountains, Ice Spikes, Dungeon] – MCPE 0.16

This seed starts you next to large mountains covered in gravel. As you cross over the mountains, you’ll come to a large section of ice plains spikes, and to top it all off, between the two biomes you can find a dungeon underground.

The gravel mountains will be to your right when you spawn, but before you take off to explore, mark your spawn point so you can find it easily later. (And mark the direction you were facing when you spawned.) This will help with navigation to get to some of the other features later.

Ice Spike Villages [And Forest Island]- MCPE 0.15

This seed offers you a forest-covered island that you can play survival island on or ice plains with two ice spike villages. The first thing to do when you spawn on the island is to mark where you spawned and which direction you faced. An arrow out of torches or some other material is best. This will help with directions later. Then you’re free to explore your spawn point. This island is a little more than just a bunch of trees, though.

The Forest Island
The Forest Island

Journey to the Tundra Village [2 Villages, Dungeon, Snow] – MCPE 0.15

This seed starts by spawning you in front of a set of extreme hills, but if you walk forward, you’ll come across several interesting structures before ending up at a snow-covered tundra village. These structures include a dungeon, a plains village, and ice plains.

Savanna Spectacle [Floating Island, Village, Dungeon] – MCPE 0.15.X Seed

When you first spawn on this seed, you’ll be in a plains biome with a river splitting up the land around you. If you look forward and to the right, you can see the beginning of the savanna biome. Inside the savanna you’ll find a floating island, a village, and a dungeon all near each other.

Two Villages and a Mineshaft – MCPE 0.15.2 Seed

This seed has two villages (one with a blacksmith) and an abandoned mineshaft all near each other. This means there are plenty of good items for you to collect right away when you spawn. It all begins when you spawn looking directly at the village with the blacksmith.

The Desert Village
The Desert Village