Minecraft PE Monster / Mob Spawner Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Monster / Mob Spawner Seed listed below has a mob spawner (and monsters) at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Flower Forest, Cave, Dungeon w/Spider Spawner

When the games starts you find yourself in the middle of a flower forest. If you explore (close) around the hilly area you’ll find a cave entrance (see photos). Descending into the cave there’s a lot to explore. You’ll likely come across spiders from a dungeon/monster room that has a mob spawner in it.

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Minecraft PE Stronghold Seed

Here’s a stronghold seed that is pretty straightforward. After entering the seed you will spawn on the bank of a river. Across the river you’ll see a village. Make your way to the village, find the well, and dive in. When you get to the bottom of the well you’ll be in a stronghold.

Surface Zombie Mob Spawner 0.9+ Seed

This may be the best Minecraft PE seed for finding a mob spawner. Boy is it close by. When the game generates the map and landscape from this seed you’ll spawn on an oceanside hill. Dig straight down and you’ll fall into a shallow cave with a zombie mob spawner in it (some call these dungeons… some monster rooms…) after digging only one or two blocks. Check out the chest by the mob spawner. When we smashed it we found an iron ingot, some gunpowder, bread and some wheat.

Stronghold under Huge River Village [Update: End Portal]

Exclusive Epic Minecraft PE Seeds Stronghold seed! When you spawn on this game map, go straight and slightly to the left. You’ll arrive at a string of villages (or one big village I suppose). Find the furthest well from the spawn point and dig straight down to find the stronghold! To get to the stronghold, look at the screen captures to be sure you dig in the right spot.

Spawn: Village + Dungeon / Monster Room with Diamonds

Spawning at a desert village is nice. Having cool biomes all around doesn’t hurt either (desert, islands, savanna…). Even better? Digging straight down and finding a dungeon/monster room.

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