Minecraft PE Mushroom Island / Mooshroom Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Mushroom Island (with Mooshrooms) Seed listed below has a mushroom island biome and mooshrooms at or near the game’s spawn point.

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0.10x Seed: Rare – Mushroom Island Touching Mainland

An epic MCPE seed from an Epic Minecraft PE fan! It’s something you don’t often see: a Mushroom Island Biome that is attached to the mainland! Here’s what the Epic fan who submitted it had to say:

Did you ever dream about mushroom island? Because I did. I found this island yesterday. It’s connected with taiga biome. It’s medium, and there are a lot of mooshrooms there. Enjoy! – Ami

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0.10x Mushroom Island with Mooshrooms

This 0.10x seed spawns you on a small island in the middle of a deep ocean. Right from the starting point you’re looking at the main attraction: a mushroom island biome. A quick trip from the spawn island over to the mushroom island reveals a nice sized island inhabited by adult and baby mooshrooms.

Mushroom Island with Mooshrooms

Two great things that generate together: Mushroom islands and mooshrooms. Mushroom island seeds don’t come around very often, so we were happy when this one was submitted. When you spawn you’ll be on a regular old island. But, the island a (very) short hop away is a mushroom island with mooshrooms. It’s just the beginning, too.

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