Minecraft PE Overhang Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Overhang Seed listed below has overhangs at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Gravel and Ice [Gravel Mountains, Ice Spikes, Dungeon] – MCPE 0.16

This seed starts you next to large mountains covered in gravel. As you cross over the mountains, you’ll come to a large section of ice plains spikes, and to top it all off, between the two biomes you can find a dungeon underground.

The gravel mountains will be to your right when you spawn, but before you take off to explore, mark your spawn point so you can find it easily later. (And mark the direction you were facing when you spawned.) This will help with navigation to get to some of the other features later.

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Floating Islands and Extreme Hills Canyons – MCPE 0.15.0

The extreme hills biome breaks up the regular mundane of forests and plains in Minecraft. They can be filled with tall peaks, jutting overhangs, and even a few water and lava falls. This set of extreme hills is just as breathtaking, and it has quite a few interesting features that make this seed worth checking out.

Sky Scraping Extreme Hill, Deep Gorge

This is one of the most pronounced and dramatic gorges (or canyons) we’ve seen in 0.9x. The infinite seed spawns you in a tree next to extreme hills that reach up as high as the cloud layer. Through the mountain system there’s an extremely deep, sheer gorge that plummets back to the ground where a river is running at the bottom of the void.

EXTREME Hills… Triple Land Bridge… Rivers…

If ‘extreme’ is the operational word in ‘extreme hills,’ this Minecraft PE seed has you covered. The backside of the mountain (extreme hill) you spawn on is where all the action is. There is a crazy land bridge up in the air that connects three landmasses, several overhangs, rivers, some small floating islands.

Insane Mountain Waterfalls at Spawn… Desert Village Nearby!

Wow. This seed has one of the most beautiful spawn spots we’ve tripped across in awhile. When you spawn you’ll be staring at high cliff mountains with multiple waterfalls. If you go in that direction and explore, you’ll find the mountain (why are they saying extreme hill, not mountain anyway?) system has several waterfalls, cool overhangs, cliff caves, and a lava flow that is as big as the waterfalls. Instead of going toward the mountain waterfalls, go in the opposite direction toward the desert.

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