Minecraft PE Plain Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Plains Seed listed below has a plains biome at or near the game’s spawn point.

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MCPE Village Seed [0.10.x]

Here’s another MCPE village seed for 0.10.x. The game starts on beach on the shore of a deep ocean biome. The majority of the landscape astride and inland is plains (at least what is visible) or forest. If you move inland, straight over the immediate embankment on the plains you’ll quickly find the village. The village is a complete Minecraft PE village with several buildings including a church, blacksmith and of course, a well.

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MCPE Fishing Village Seed

Ok. We can’t fish YET in Pocket Edition, but we still like to call villages like this one fishing villages. They sure look like them! Where is it? When the game starts, you have two basic options – head out to sea, or turn around and head inland. Head inland. If you trudge straight up the middle or walk the coast to your right after you’ve started heading inland you’ll see the fishing village. There’s a blacksmith that has a gold ingot, an iron ingot, bread and 4 obsidian blocks in their chest. There is more to collect nearby, too. Look for a cave entrance that is right on the border (it’s beside a sidewalk) of the village where the lampposts are.

MCPE Ice Spikes Seed

This Minecraft PE 0.10.x seed features an ice spike biome not far from spawn. From game start, 3/4ths of the land around you is in cold biomes – mainly ice plans with limited cold taiga. There’s frozen rivers throughout, too. The remaining 1/4 is a highly hospitable plain with threes bordering on forest. Finding the ice spikes isn’t that difficult. We would, however, suggest trying on creative mode before doing so on survival (especially if exploration frustrates you).

Minecraft PE Survival Island

Happy 2015 everyone from Epic Minecraft PE Seeds! We tried some variations of words for a New Year’s seed, and one we tried generated one of the best survival island challenges we found. If you don’t want any assistance, and just want to try to to play the game without seeing any help (screenshots or hints of what you can find), the seed is twentyfifteen (all lowercase, no spaces). Now, look away (or read on if you want to see what things look like and get an idea of where to get resources).

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