Minecraft PE Ravine Seeds

Remarkable Redstone Ravine Seed – PE 0.14, 0.15

We have come across a brand new seed that offers a perfect spot for you to go exploring in. Whilst this seed might not have something special like a village or a mob spawner near spawn, it does have a large ravine that could be the start of a big cave exploration adventure!

The ravine goes deep into the crevices of the ground and near the bottom you’ll be able to find some redstone, among other ores.

In the screenshot shown below, the spawn point has been marked out by a cobblestone tower. You will spawn right next to the ravine which can also be seen in the picture below.

Spawn right next to a ravine
Spawn right next to a ravine

Real ravines haven’t been added to Minecraft Pocket Edition yet so this kind of terrain is perhaps the closest you’ll come to a ravine style cave opening in MCPE. The ravine goes deep down into the ground so you won’t have to do any digging until you’re already deep underground. There are a few different paths to follow as you get deeper into the ground. If you continue to walk in the same direction you faced when you first spawned in, you will eventually make your way to the redstone ore.

Head straight into this cave
Head straight into this cave

If you keep walking in the same direction you will come across a patch of iron ore in the floor. Mine the iron ore and then dig down directly where the iron ore is. If you keep digging you will eventually find some redstone ore near bedrock level. You’re bound to find plenty of other ore in this area but make sure to come back to the iron ore later if you would like to collect the redstone ore.

Iron ore - dig here for redstone too
Iron ore – dig here for redstone too

In the screenshot below the redstone can be seen. Make sure to keep an eye out for it because you might miss it!

Here's the redstone
Here’s the redstone

Want to know the name of this seed? Well, here you go!

Minecraft PE 0.14.0+ Infinite Seed: cinnamonraisinbagels