Minecraft PE River Seeds

Each Minecraft PE River Seed listed below has a river at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Two Blacksmith Villages at Spawn [0.9x old seed]

When you spawn on this 0.9x old seed you’re in a village and staring at another one. Under spawn there isn’t anything precious. If you’re looking for the good stuff, point your direction at the villages. There’s a blacksmith in each one, and they’ve both got some loot. You’ll walk away with food, armor (two bad both blacksmith’s made iron leggings), an iron ingot and ink sacs.

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Large Village – Blacksmith has Saddle

After a quick walk from spawn you’ll be at a large village. Of course, it’s two villages that are joined together. Both of those villages have blacksmiths, and they have some pretty good loot in their chests. One chest has obsidian, iron leggings (two pairs), an iron pick and a sapling. The second chest is the more interesting one. This blacksmith has some food (bread and apples), an iron ingot, an iron helmet, iron leggings and a saddle!

0.9 Seed: Emeralds Under Spawn

Seeds with emeralds that are easy to find are rare. It’s also rare to find more than one emerald block. This seed takes care of both of those challenges. Straight under the spawn point you will come across an emerald. We mined out 2 blocks in every direction and, as expected the yield was a single emerald block. But, we kept looking.

Stronghold under Huge River Village [Update: End Portal]

Exclusive Epic Minecraft PE Seeds Stronghold seed! When you spawn on this game map, go straight and slightly to the left. You’ll arrive at a string of villages (or one big village I suppose). Find the furthest well from the spawn point and dig straight down to find the stronghold! To get to the stronghold, look at the screen captures to be sure you dig in the right spot.

Mesa Meets Jungle Seed 0.9+

Another cool mesa seed submitted by an Epic Minecraft PE Seeds regular. This is another beautiful mesa. Upon spawn you’ll find yourself where a mesa biome meets a jungle biome. Nearby you’ll find the ocean, too as well as the river that runs through the mesa landscape.

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