Minecraft PE River Seeds

Each Minecraft PE River Seed listed below has a river at or near the game’s spawn point.

0.9+ Huge Mesa Biome w/Awesome Ore Stash

This seed spawns you a top a huge mesa that spreads out in all directions. There’s rivers nearby that cut through the landscape creating a canyon effect. Exploring around the mesa biome you’ll find ore that comes right up to the surface, mainly coal and some iron. You’ll have to search for it, though. Under spawn there’s almost every ore you could want.

EXTREME Hills… Triple Land Bridge… Rivers…

If ‘extreme’ is the operational word in ‘extreme hills,’ this Minecraft PE seed has you covered. The backside of the mountain (extreme hill) you spawn on is where all the action is. There is a crazy land bridge up in the air that connects three landmasses, several overhangs, rivers, some small floating islands.