Minecraft PE Swamp Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Swamp Seed listed below has a swamp biome at or near the game’s spawn point.

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0.10x Seed: Rare – Mushroom Island Touching Mainland

An epic MCPE seed from an Epic Minecraft PE fan! It’s something you don’t often see: a Mushroom Island Biome that is attached to the mainland! Here’s what the Epic fan who submitted it had to say:

Did you ever dream about mushroom island? Because I did. I found this island yesterday. It’s connected with taiga biome. It’s medium, and there are a lot of mooshrooms there. Enjoy! – Ami

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0.10.0 Infinite – Swamp and Mountain Village Seed

One of the cool things in 0.10.0 is the new look of the swamps. This seed gives you an easy quick look. You can’t miss it. The swamp is massive! The water is now a purplish brown color – far less inviting than it was in 0.9! When the game starts, if you move straight toward the mountain in the distance (see screenshots) you’ll find a great mountain village.

Diamonds, Jungle and Swamp [0.9x old seed]

Fun 0.9 old seed. Straight under spawn there’s diamonds, iron and redstone. Getting the ore is the same as we’ve always recommended. Dig 2 blocks in every direction from the ore you find and you’ll get it all. On the surface this world has a few biomes packed into it. When you spawn you’re at the intersection of a swamp, a jungle, and a birch taiga.

Emeralds in Series of Villages (Blacksmith’s Chest)

Interested in some easy emeralds? Just go straight. It’s (just about) that easy. Go straight when you spawn and you’ll come up on a two oversized villages at water’s edge. Go to each blacksmith and take a look in their chests. One has emeralds for you (plus some bread and ink sacs). While it’s not emeralds, there’s another good chest, too.

Cool Coastal Village Near Swamp

The village seed has you spawn right near a coastal village. The village backs into a forest area, so there’s plenty of wood to get you started. Oh yeah, you’ll see some of those massive mushrooms kicking around, too. Under spawn there isn’t all that much to speak of. Yeah, you’ll find coal and iron, but that’s about it.

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