Minecraft PE Taiga Seeds

Each Minecraft PE Taiga Seed listed below has a taiga biome at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Diamonds, Jungle and Swamp [0.9x old seed]

Fun 0.9 old seed. Straight under spawn there’s diamonds, iron and redstone. Getting the ore is the same as we’ve always recommended. Dig 2 blocks in every direction from the ore you find and you’ll get it all. On the surface this world has a few biomes packed into it. When you spawn you’re at the intersection of a swamp, a jungle, and a birch taiga.

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Diamonds and Gold

Diamonds and Gold. The name says it all. When you spawn dig straight down and you’ll come across ore. When you do, be sure to dig 2 blocks in each direction from any ore that you find. At one area you’ll encounter gold. When you dig out around it, it’ll lead to coal, iron, redstone and diamonds. We only wish there were emeralds, too!

Two Blacksmith Villages at Spawn [0.9x old seed]

When you spawn on this 0.9x old seed you’re in a village and staring at another one. Under spawn there isn’t anything precious. If you’re looking for the good stuff, point your direction at the villages. There’s a blacksmith in each one, and they’ve both got some loot. You’ll walk away with food, armor (two bad both blacksmith’s made iron leggings), an iron ingot and ink sacs.

Wolves on Extreme Hill Taiga

Wolves greet you when the game spawns you on this extreme hill taiga. There’s ducks chickens and pigs roaming the area, too. Right next the spawn point there is a waterfall and cave. Exploring around the landscape nearby you’ll find more cave entrances from the surface.

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