Minecraft PE Island Village

Minecraft PE Village Island Seed [0.10x]

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This original Pocket Edition Seed starts you on an island. On the next island over there’s a great village complete with a blacksmith that has an iron pick and helmet, as well as some bread apples and ink sacs. As far as MCPE island seeds go, this one leaves a lot of opportunity for imagination. There’s resources to get you started, and a nice flat plain biome on the far end of the island for building on.

This great PE Seed was submitted by Epic Minecraft PE Seed user Nickdacrazyminer. Here’s how he describes it:

This is a nice ole’ survival island seed with a little extra. There’s a big village on it! This infinite seed has no mainland in sight, but that pales in comparison to this island. The village is complete with hobbit homes, high houses, hills, trees, lamp-posts, farms, a church, a dock, and even a blacksmith! The chest is pretty good with some iron goodies. The island itself is large and has beaches, hills, a forest, and even a flat plain for building anything you might want. Enjoy! ~Nickdacrazyminer

Nickdacrazyminer says this works in 0.9 and 0.10, but we only had 0.10 handy to test it (and everything was exactly as he described). One more thing – we dug beneath the well, and while we didn’t find a stronghold we did come across iron ore. After digging it out it turned out to be 12 blocks. You can see it dug out int he screenshots below.

Minecraft PE 0.10.0+
Infinite Seed: 1418072576

Minecraft PE In-Game Screenshots

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33 thoughts on “Minecraft PE Village Island Seed [0.10x]”

  1. So far I named the world Bahamas and loaded it on survival. I wondered around for a bit then found the blacksmith’s house to grab the stuff in the chest and saw the side of the house next to the chest was on fire. Wasn’t too sure we’re it came from since it was on the ops solute side of were the furnaces were and the house had to been already completely lit on fire because I was wondering aimlessly.

    1. @Kate – Yeah, it seems like in MCPE as soon as I find a village with a blacksmith’s I run to it but there is already a fire! Maybe the next type of villager should be a fireman!

      1. As I loaded up the world I could not find anything I wondered around no villiger nothing I went from island to island looking

        1. In some of the new updates, this seed got canceled. I tried before the new update and it worked, but after the update it canceled. Sorry!

    2. The fire occurred because of the lava in the blacksmiths shop I would block off the lava to still have a wonderful village

    3. First thing you have to do is go straight for the blacksmith. A friend of mine just opens the chest, gets all the valuable items, and makes her home. You have to get the actual chest if you do not want any fire. And there is a lava thing. You have to cover that up with some fire-proof (Not wool) items, or that will ignite a fire also.

    4. There is lava and you need to place blocks where it is and destroy them because the lava will set the whole village on fire.

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