Huge Mountain Savanna Waterfalls

Insane Mountain Waterfalls at Spawn… Desert Village Nearby!

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Wow. This seed has one of the most beautiful spawn spots we’ve tripped across in awhile. When you spawn you’ll be staring at high cliff mountains with multiple waterfalls. If you go in that direction and explore, you’ll find the mountain (why are they saying extreme hill, not mountain anyway?) system has several waterfalls, cool overhangs, cliff caves, and a lava flow that is as big as the waterfalls. Instead of going toward the mountain waterfalls, go in the opposite direction toward the desert.

As you leave the green landscape and make it to the dry brown sand you’ll find a village. It’s not a far walk – the desert village is on the edge of the desert.

We did mine straight under the spawn point and found a good amount of coal, but didn’t dig it out to see what else was around. If anyone out there digs around it and finds any interesting ore post it in the comments!

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: bezerker

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17 thoughts on “Insane Mountain Waterfalls at Spawn… Desert Village Nearby!”

  1. There is a abandoned mineshaft near the village!!! Where you find it and what it looks like is below. Just go in the caves and you will find it.

    1. BooBoo – It’s an infinite seed. There are tags for each post (they actually look like little price tags) that say if they are infinite or old seeds as well as what versions they work on. We’re going to move them so they’re at the top of the post as opposed to at the bottom. But, to make a long story short, this one is infinite…

    1. Hey Ev, it says the seed just above the image gallery… in this case… “Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: bezerker”. Note that it is a 0.9 seed!

  2. I spelled the seed wrong- berzerker instead of bezerker. The seed I got was pretty awesome though! You spawn in a huge jungle, with lots of melons and some pumpkins. There are lots of other biomes nearby, too, such as a swamp with giant mushrooms, a desert and a savannah. No village though

  3. I got this world or an extremely similar one by typing 666 for the seed and my current version is up to date ios

  4. I’ve actually found multiple villages in this world. So far I’ve found three, two of which have blacksmiths. The village described on the page does have a blacksmith on the edge of the village, but you will have to dig up some sand to get to it. Inside the chest I found seven oak sapplings, two apples,ban iron ingot, bread, and an iron chest plate. You can find the second village with a blacksmith by following the river away from spawn. This blacksmith has bread, one iron ingot, and twelve ink sacks.

  5. In the desert there is a cave that goes straight down in there is lots of coal and iron ore. If you go far enough, there are are several lava falls and an abandoned mineshaft! Near the mineshaft are diamonds

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