Mooshrooms on Island

Mushroom Island with Mooshrooms

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Two great things that generate together: Mushroom islands and mooshrooms. Mushroom island seeds don’t come around very often, so we were happy when this one was submitted. When you spawn you’ll be on a regular old island. But, the island a (very) short hop away is a mushroom island with mooshrooms. It’s just the beginning, too.

What you’ve happened upon is actually a chain of mushroom islands with mooshrooms on them. Beyond the obvious (this being a completely cool Minecraft PE seed) you can also count on finding some iron ore and coal straight under the spawn point. We’re guessing you’ll ignore that and go straight over to check out those mooshrooms!

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: pot22

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 106854229

This seed was submitted by user MxMyzV. As with all user submitted seeds, we try to make sure we credit the originator of the seed. When we investigated this one, we came up with a YouTube video by RageElixir in which the comments state that either Potpotsie or jeferi73 were the first to find this 0.9 seed when they were testing the beta releases.

If you find something cool that we missed post in the comments below and add a screenshot!

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30 thoughts on “Mushroom Island with Mooshrooms”

    1. I freaking LOVE MINECRAFT it will never get old!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀😄😊😆🙂🙃☺️😋😃😎

  1. I enterd first the i thught that there no was moshrums bur i flied then iw saw a gray block and guees what the island was there!

  2. Great seed. There is also a Mesa biome. If you go onto the moo shroom island, go to the small mountain (that has a small cave in it) close to the spawning island, and then take a sharp righ, and swim for a while, you should come across a large Mesa biome. It is pretty hard to miss, you just have to keep swimming.

      1. it’s a biome with orange brown white and other colours of terracotta with red sand and lots of terracotta mountains. there VERY pretty

  3. I also found a small abandoned mineshaft and a spider spawner with 2 chests in when I was in Creative Mode and dug down from the spawn island and when strip mining. Awesome seed!

  4. If you keep going south of the spawn point, there’s an extreme hills biome. I came across some emerald ore there in a cave. It was very nice to come across considering that you can’t trade with villagers yet.

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