The Village and the Temple

All in One [Village, Temple, Diamonds] – MCPE 0.16

This seed has a village with a blacksmith and desert temple with diamonds all in one place. These two structures spawned one on top of the other. In fact, the temple cuts off half a butcher shop and most of a library, but a crop plot is on top of the temple. You only have to make one stop to gather loot on this seed.

Minecraft PE 0.16.X Seed: -106272821

When you spawn you’ll be in a plains area with several patches of forest around. To find the desert that the village/temple combo sits in, turn around to your left until you see some sand. That’s the direction you need to go in. As you walk further into the desert, you’ll see the beginning of the village.

The Village and the Temple
The Village and the Temple

The Village with a Blacksmith

This village has quite a few crop plots and buildings. However, the temple cuts off some of the buildings and makes it impossible to get into others, but thankfully the whole blacksmith shop is still intact. Inside you’ll find the chest containing two iron swords, iron boots, and an emerald.

The Blacksmith's Chest
The Blacksmith’s Chest

The Desert Temple with Diamonds

The entrance of the temple is completely buried so you’ll have to walk up the side to get in. Next to the crop plot at the top, you’ll find the hole you can drop through.

Beneath the purple clay in the center of the floor, four chests sit waiting to be looted. Be careful to not set off the pressure plate as you make your way down or it’ll trigger an explosion that’ll destroy all the treasure.

The Desert Temple Chests
The Desert Temple Chests

These four chests will give you iron ingots, two gold horse armor sets, gold ingots, enchanted books, and two diamonds.

This village/temple combo is just one part of the seed. You can keep exploring around to see if you can find anything else interesting.

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