The Desert Village

Plains Villages and the Tomb to Raid [Desert Temple] – MCPE 0.14

When you spawn on this seed, you will immediately know how good of a seed this is. You spawn in the middle of a plot of daisies, and straight ahead you can see a village. Though it doesn’t have a blacksmith to loot, this is a fairly large village with many different types of buildings and several plots of crops.

Minecraft PE 0.14 Infinite Seed: 2003400607


Plains with Daisies
Plains with Daisies

The First Village

The first village
The first village

On the other side of the village is a desert, and if you have your render distance far enough, you’ll be able to make out a desert well on the right and a strange floating sphere of sand on the left. Ignore them both. While those are both interesting, they’re useless. They’ll just try to entrance you into wandering into the desert that has nothing.

Desert Border
Desert Border – there’s a well but not much else to see here.

The Desert Village

For the next two desert features of this map you actually want to go straight into the forest to the right of the village past the tall house. (As shown in the picture.)

Head into the forest
To find the next village and desert temple, head into the forest, past the tall house.

You’ll cross a river and entering into a bit of a savannah biome. You’ll begin seeing sand, and that’s your signal that you’re on the right rack and just need to keep going straight. As you crest the sandy hill, you’ll see the second village of this map. This desert village has a blacksmith building with a chest inside worth looting. This village also has more variations of crops to keep your hunger meter from dipping too low.

The Desert Village
The Desert Village has a blacksmith with a chest.

The Desert Temple

The goods of this seed aren’t over yet. If you look to the right of village, past the outer house with a fenced in yard, you’ll see a desert temple, or as some refer to them, desert pyramid. Though the front entrance is buried, you can enter either on the roof or one of the upper, side entrances.

Desert Temple!
Desert Temple! Past the house with the fenced in yard.

Desert temples sometimes hold valuable treasures, but getting them can be a bit tricky. If you remove the purple clay in the center of the floor, you can see the four chests below. Be careful though! I wouldn’t recommend dropping straight down. The stone pressure plate at the bottom will set off a series of explosions that will destroy the chests. Retrieve your treasure at your own risk.

Inside the temple
Inside the temple – grab the loot, but watch out for the pressure plate trap!

I hope you enjoy this seed!

Minecraft PE 0.14 Infinite Seed: 2003400607

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