Snow Village - Ice Spike Biome - MCPE 0.9x

Snow Covered Village in Ice Spike Biome

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What could be better than a village partially covered in snow on the edge of an ice spike biome? Not much! Well, this seed will get you just that. Making it even better is that the ice spike biome is massive and from the snowy village there’s another large village within sight! It’s not hard to find this village. In fact, it’s right by the spawn point. Type in the seed below as an infinite seed in 0.9x. When you spawn you’re on the edge of a extreme hill/mountain. Travel alongside the base of the mountain and you’ll find a snow covered village adjacent to a massive ice spike biome.

There’s a blacksmith in this first village (we’ll let you find out what’s in his chest) to take a look at while you’re there.

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: 1408803813

When this seed was submitted, we figured it must have been floating around the Minecraft community for awhile. And, we were right. we found mentions of this seed in a few places, but believe the earliest mention of it was in a post on MCPE Hub entitled Village + Ice Spikes Biome.

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49 thoughts on “Snow Covered Village in Ice Spike Biome”

      1. Thanks! This one was submitted by an Epic Fan (we didn’t find it). It is great though – we absolutely agree!

  1. If you mine going down on a -1 slope right next to the library, you will either run right into an abandoned mineshaft or see it a few blocks to your left once you are 2/3 of the way to bedrock. I found lapis lazuli in there, enough for 3 blocks.

  2. I have a village seed,it’s:1656508411. You’ll have to walk straight into the savanna(I guess) until you see a villlage,and some villages are part of a mountain in the village.

  3. i know its says for ver. 0.9.0 but it also works on ver.10.4 as well found the skeleton spawner but died b4 reaching chest so cant say whats in it

  4. Hey, this seed still works with 0.12.2! In the furnace there should be 3 iron ingots, a loaf of bread and of course, a saddle. Another village has been found.

    1. To find the village, first (from the giant hill) keeping heading towards the ice village. But don’t stop there. Keep going til you find another hill. To the east of that hill you will find a small village

  5. These Seeds are pretty awesome. I’ve been looking for tundra and snow area seeds for like forever. Thanks!

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