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Spawn Inside Dungeon

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Here’s a new one. When you spawn on this Minecraft PE seed you’re INSIDE a dungeon. The game starts you facing a wall inside the dungeon. Turn around and you’ll find you’re inside a dungeon. There’ll likely already be a zombie or two that has shot out of the zombie spawner headed your way!

There is one chest to raid once you destroy the zombie spawner (or stop it from spawning). The loot could be better, but it’s loot nonetheless. The surrounding landscape is on the edge of two biomes – plain and roofed forest. So, expect dense trees and those massive mushrooms in one direction and flatter, rolling land in the other.

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Infinite Seed: silent hill

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 2017500367

Thanks to Epic Minecraft Pocket Edition fan Amy for sharing this! If you did under spawn, come back and let us all know what’s down there!

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31 thoughts on “Spawn Inside Dungeon”

    1. Jordan – It’s right up in the post – above the gallery of images – it’s ‘silent hill’ (all lowercase, and of course without the quotation marks…

  1. If you go in the direction in where the rising sun is on your left and the setting sun on your right. Just go strait and you will reach a spiked mesa! It’s just about 150 blocks away!

  2. Tried it in 0.10.0 and spawned above ground but there was a cave exposing the dungeon a few blocks away

      1. Darien – Sorry you feel that all the seeds on our site suck. Lucky for you there’s plenty of other places you can go find seeds. Hope you find what you’re looking for out there. -Botch

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