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Stronghold Seed

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This Stronghold Seed for Minecraft Pocket Edition was submitted by a few Epic fans. We resisted posting it for awhile, but it really is a great seed even though it’s fairly well known.

Getting to the stronghold on this seed is pretty straightforward. From game start you’ll see a village if you look around. Head over to it and jump in the well. At the bottom of the well dig down and you’ll be in the stronghold.

Search through the stronghold and you’ll find the usual goodness – chests with loot, a library, and an end portal. Back up on the surface there is another village right after the one that had the stronghold. A great pocket edition seed. Have fun, and watch out for those silverfish. We also found the seed had been documented by Glowific on YouTube. That video is embedded below.

Minecraft PE 0.10.0+
Infinite Seed: robot

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 108685930

Minecraft PE In-Game Screenshots

Minecraft PE Stronghold Seed: robot – Glowific YouTube Video

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23 thoughts on “Stronghold Seed”

  1. cranberries: spawn in desert village , behind it is a mesa biome with a valley of spukes and scatteted mineshafts thoughout. A second village around the corner from the first. Ive found numerous dungeon chests, tons of gold and a stronghold with enderportal.

  2. The seed glitched and I spawn inside a cave and couldn’t move so I tried the seed many times and the same thing happens

    One time I spawned in I went into third person I saw a sheep watch me die

    It looked depressed.

    🙁 Sad sheep face……….

    1. Activate the portal using ender eyes, make sure you’re in creative mode so you have all the ender eyes that you will need. Put one ender eye on each of the block of enderstones until you activate it.

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