Minecraft PE 0.10.4 Seeds [Infinite]

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Minecraft PE Cool 2x Village Spawn Seed

Minecraft PE Village Seeds are always a hit. This seed we really love. When you spawn, you’re standing in view of two villages. Now, while what everyone is usually after is the token blacksmith and his loot (and we have that in this case), what we really love about this seed is how cool it is all-around.

Jeb’s Abandoned Diamond Mineshaft [MCPE 0.10x]

Playing around with 0.10 seed names this morning we randomly tried “Jeb Who?” Why? Because, who is Jeb REALLY? What do we REALLY know about him? Ok, enough being silly. But, yes, we did use that as the seed name. What we ended up finding: an abandoned diamond mineshaft in the tunnels beneath spawn. Check it out!

0.10x Blacksmith Village Spawn PE Seed

This cool blacksmith village seed for Pocket Edition is another Epic Minecraft PE Seeds Fan submission. This 0.10x seed spawns you on the edge of a village that is set in a plains biome right where a not-so-extreme hill sits.

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