Minecraft PE 0.9.2 Seeds [Infinite]

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Best Minecraft PE Seeds – February 2015

The list is out! The Best Minecraft PE Seeds for February of 2015 has two Pocket Edition favorites from last month, as well as a new MCPE Seed in the #1 slot. See which seeds made the cut!

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Best Minecraft PE Seeds – January 2015

January was a busy month! There was more traffic on the site in January, 2015 than any other month before it! It looks like this is what they were here to see: The Best Minecraft PE Seeds of January 2015.

Minecraft PE Triple Village Seed

This Minecraft PE triple village seed was submitted by an Epic Minecraft player a few days ago. The seed has been floating around for awhile (it works in both 0.9x and 0.10x infinite), so we’re not sure if the submitter, Budderlord, was the first to find it, or if he was turned onto it by someone else. Regardless, the important details: there’s a massive triple village straight in front of you when you start the game.

Snow Covered Village in Ice Spike Biome

What could be better than a village partially covered in snow on the edge of an ice spike biome? Not much! Well, this seed will get you just that. Making it even better is that the ice spike biome is massive and from the snowy village there’s another large village within sight!

Desert Village has Blacksmith, Stronghold

This desert village 0.9x infinite seed that has a blacksmith (and chest loot) as well as a stronghold beneath its well was submitted by an Epic user. From the spawn point there’s a lot close by. As far as the terrain goes, there’s plains, mesa, and desert.

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