Minecraft PE 0.9.4 Seeds [Infinite]

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2x Village and Blacksmith Emeralds

Triple h’s equal double villages in this 0.9x infinite seed, and they’re right where we like them: at the spawn point! When you spawn you’re staring right at them. The NPC village also has a church and is located right at water’s edge. One blacksmith’s chest isn’t that interesting, but the second has emeralds in it.

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Abandoned Goldmine and Village at Spawn

This MCPE seed spawns you directly in front of a farming village. Before you move, you probably want to dig straight down from spawn (don’t worry – no death by lava below) as you’ll find yourself in an abandoned mineshaft (goldmine). Depending on which direction you explore from when you hit the goldmine you might get the impression it is a small mineshaft.

Huge Lava Flow and an Abandoned Mineshaft

There’s something you can’t miss when you this game gets started: the huge lava flow that is flanked by waterfalls of the same scale on both sides. It’s huge! There’s another cool feature, but it’s beneath the surface: an abandoned mineshaft. It’s big, and it is surprising that digging right under spawn you don’t fall into it. It’s not hard to find, however.

Wolves, Snow and a lot of Forest

Snow? Check. Wolves? Check. More trees than you could ever know what to do with? Check. Getting started on this 0.9x infinite seed is easy. There’s thick forest covering about two-thirds or three-quarters of the land around you when you spawn. The remainder is snow (ice plains) and both extend quite far. Wolves are present but not prevalent.

Huge Mineshaft Under Spawn

Looking for a huge mineshaft? Here’s an easy one for you. This seed spawns you directly above a two caves when you dig down. The first cave will quickly lead you to an abandoned mineshaft. When you reach that first cave, do a quick survey of the connecting tunnels and rooms and you’ll see the mineshaft.

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