MCPE Three Villages Seed – Village with Blacksmith Near Spawn

Three Villages Near Spawn, Abandoned Mineshaft – MCPE 0.11x

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This amazing seed, with many thanks to “Marlon Saturn Venus Komuro”, puts you on a small island staring at spawn, straight at a cool little village with a river running through it. Some walkways connect you to the mainland. There is a blacksmith whose chest carries a few useful items (an iron sword, iron chestplate, and ingots).

Not too bad by itself, but what makes this seed amazingly rare is that there are two more villages just a short walk away. See the cliffs just behind the village at spawn? There is a patch of pumpkins to the left of the cliffs. Walk past those, and you will quickly come to another village built into the hills. The height differences between houses give this one a really unique look.

And if you walk just a bit to the right when you’re facing that second village, you’ll find the third one, which is a little larger than the first two, very close by.

There is also an abandoned mineshaft which you can access, without digging, from a cave at the surface near your spawn point. Walk through the first village, following the dirt paths. Continue past a small pond, and you will find the cave that leads into the abandoned mineshaft. There is an image below showing exactly where the entrance is. Watch out, there are some steep drops near the entrance of this cave!


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Minecraft PE 0.11.0+
Infinite Seed: 29300

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46 thoughts on “Three Villages Near Spawn, Abandoned Mineshaft – MCPE 0.11x”

  1. I almost forgot, I also found two monster spawners right next to each other when your going through the abandoned mineshaft. There’s a spider spawner with two chest, and a skeleton spawner with a chest.

      1. By the way, if you build the Nether portal in the first village, you will spawn inside the Nether fortress(pretty cool, huh)

    1. A great and only seed I have played. I found 7 villages in total, a zombie village, 41 diamonds, treasure chest, shipwreck, desert temple, stronghold, nether: nether fortress, 4 OCEAN MONUMENTS!

      1. Hey…I’ve been playing this seed for almost a year and I’ve mapped out a dozen or so level 4 maps to create a large map wall. I’ve found nearly 20 villages, but where did you find the Zombie Village?? Guessing somewhere south or southwest of spawn?

  2. At the third village, if you continue into the birch forest, you come across a surface dungeon with no monster spawner or chest which is annoying but the caves around it look cool and are worth checking out.

  3. Actually, it depends how it generates the seed. The dungeon what you found, there is a small chest, and is a zombie spawner.

  4. Type in jackman the geyser pls and fly frontwards there’s a village there haven’t explored it yet but has a house or 2 on the hill WARNING: I’ve only tried it and version 0.12.1 alpha build 13 ENJOY!!!!!

  5. Type it in as it is I’ve just searched through the blacksmiths chest looks like the PERFECT combat seed

  6. i personally liked this seed a lot –> 5574457897082764526 it spawns you on top of some beautiful extreme savanna mountains and there is chickens XD it has a marvelous view and is great for building (its above cloud level) i encourage you to check it out

  7. GREAT seed! Found eight diamonds in one cluster down past the mineshaft! 10/10 would play again! 😁

  8. I also found the desert temple if you have the starting map, the go on the edges. It has 2 diamonds in the loot chests, plus a savannah black smiths that has diamonds as well.

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